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Help the ISCA continue to protect DCs’ interests. Donate to the ISCA BackPAC TODAY!

The ISCA BackPAC is uniquely capable of intervening in critical campaigns and crucial battles. But, it is only through your support that we can continue our proven record of success on your behalf. Please help us as we continue to strengthen our efforts and build support. Your donation will go to support our pro-chiropractic agenda during the Indiana Legislative Session. This agenda includes the expansion of scope of practice.

NO ONE DOCTOR OF CHIROPRACTIC can raise the kind of money necessary to SHAPE THE POLITICAL PROCESS in Indiana. To be effectual, this must be a COMBINED STATEWIDE EFFORT. When you combine your resources with other doctors of chiropractic through BackPAC, you become part of a state wide effort to elect candidates and PROMOTE POLICY MAKING THAT SUPPORTS THE PROFESSION OF CHIROPRACTIC.

 BECOME PART OF THE SOLUTION and make an investment in the future of chiropractic. No contribution is too small. IT IS EASY TO DONATE. ISCA BackPAC can accept “one time” donations from you or can set up convenient automatic monthly contributions from your credit or debit card. STAND BEHIND YOUR PROFESSION – DONATE TODAY!