First established in 2015, the Chiropractor Medical Insurance Program offers medical insurance exclusively for MCA Members, their employees and families. We are now able to offer individual coverage!

What’s new in 2021?

  • Easy-to-use, on-line application, with underwriting answers in 72 hours or less
  • Individual programs available, eliminating the need to offer group programs to employees 
  • Preferred rate tier available for ages 18-59 years old and Preferred Plus rate tier available through age 64 to respond to increasing medical insurance rates for individuals 50 years and older in the marketplace.  Our best rate Tier 1 Ultra Preferred is now approved and available as of 5/1! Get more info below.
  • Twelve benefit designs, an HSA (Health Savings Account) and two network options; all the options are ACA-compliant — this is traditional insurance with 100% preventative care included (see the benefit outline below for details).
  • “Chiropractor Friendly” program with $20 Co-pay for chiropractic services, 20 visits annual.

Why apply for the ISCA Chiropractor Medical Program?

  • Chiropractors are healthier than the average population – and the numbers over the past 6 years prove it — in 30,000 member-claim months, there has only been one cancer and 6 claims greater than $100,000
  • Chiropractors are small employers with roughly 2.5 employees participating per office; if you didn’t have another employee to apply for medical insurance in past years, you can apply yourself in 2021
  • Chiropractors enjoy a low underwriting risk factor, and most can qualify for better rates than the modified community rates available in most states; most chiropractors are not eligible for subsidies due to their income
  • The program allows most employers to pay premiums on a tax-favored basis

How is the MCA Chiropractor Medical Insurance Program different?

  • Annual rate increases have averaged under 5% over the past 6 years
  • Chiropractors have renewed coverage more than 98.5% every year of the program’s 6-year existence
  • The program has grown every year since inception
  • It’s easy to apply on-line directly from MCA website

There’s not a better time to take advantage of your MCA membership or join us and enjoy this exceptional medical insurance program.

If you have questions, please contact 833-424-4764 (phone/fax). 

Start your application on-line (see below) today: