**** ATTENTION ****

Now is the time for all chiropractors to unite in a concerted effort to pass legislation designed to expand Indiana’s chiropractic scope of practice.

The ISCA’s Scope of Practice Task Force and Legislative Committee has worked diligently for more than two years in developing a Model Practice Act based on the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards Model Practice Act. Consequently, your ISCA now has a legislative draft proposal ready for introduction in the 2018 legislative session.

In order for us to be heard and be remotely successful, we are asking you to do two things now:

1)    Contact your local State Representative and State Senator by inserting your address info here:

2)    Donate to the ISCA BackPAC so that we may support those legislators who will support our proposed legislation.
The ISCA is proud of its work accomplished during the past LEGISLATIVE SESSIONS and is asking for your help as we prepare for a crucial 2018 session
 IT IS CRUCIAL FOR YOU TO HELP US KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING so that we may change the law and allow chiropractors to practice what they were taught in Chiropractic Colleges and Universities.

For your convenience, click each number for the following:
1)    Proposed licensure expansion draft legislation (areas in bold are new and strike-through verbiage is old outdated language we need removed)
2)    An ISCA Position paper that explains why we need the legislation.
3)    A sample letter you can mail or email your State Senator
4)    A sample letter you can mail or email to your State Representative (Not your US Congressman or US Senator)
5)    A BackPAC form you can utilize to contribute money to the ISCA BackPAC.

If you have any questions please call our office at 317-673-4245 or email us at

“Truly, without the efforts of the ISCA and its past
and current leadership, chiropractic would not exist
 in Indiana!” Dr. Diane Vuotto